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Cancale and the bay of Mont St Michel

A single bay by its diversity and colors!

The tip of Grouin Saint-Malo:
The coast extends from the tip of Grouin Saint-Malo is a succession of rocky headlands and inlets exposed to violence of the winds and waves dominant. It is a splendid side, still very wild, gorse and broom or cascading downs the cliffs. We fear admire boat or by browsing the GR 34 which borrows the old coastal path. The tip of Grouin offers magnificent panorama of the Bay of Mont St Michel.

Cancale is located on the coastal road of Mont Saint Michel. Renowned for centuries for its famous oyster’s flat ranked remarkable site of taste. His mussels are the only ones in France to benefit from a protected designation of origin (PDO). Between the Port de la Houle and the tip of Grouin a great way along the rugged coastline and to discover the famous rock of Cancale and Fort Rimains. Cancale is also the stronghold of the famous chef Olivier Roellinger with house spices, cooking school and pastry Corsaire "grain of vanilla." Cancale bay of Mont St Michel offers a different angle with fabulous light and spectacular views at the discretion of the tides.

Le Mont St Michel :The Wonder of the West is only 50 minutes from Saint-Malo road. Do not miss to visit the beautiful abbey millennium or offer you a guided walk at low tide in the bay. You will find Mount and admire the flora and fauna peculiar to the place. You can get there by the freeway and go strolling by the dimension along salt marshes and oyster parks Cheruaix and Vivier sea


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Pointe du Grouin
Bay mussels
Baie du Mont
Baie du Mont
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