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The islands of the Emerald Coast

Many jewels, visible from the coast

The island Rimains, like its neighbors falkland, Cézembre and Petit Be, Rimains Island, 700 meters away from cancalaises coast, has always been of great geostrategic interest. Defensive under the island has been exploited by Vauban, who saw one of the last bastions for the protection of Cancale and the Bay of Mont Saint Michel.

Cézembre, only the south side beach can be visited. The island was one of the points of the globe’s most bombed during the Second World War. Legend has it that this is Cézembre that Maclow ( Malo ), one of the seven founders of Britany, have landed from Wales after seven years of navigation. Cézembre in Celtic means : the highest height .

Conchée, masterpiece of Vauban, the fort still closed to the public, is owned by an association that tries to restore this gem. The history of this fort is linked to that of Vauban, this vessel stunning granite faces long Rochebonne beach, in the district of Paramé. The name of the fort for Greek " konkhê " which means "large shell ".

The Grand Bé , Chateaubriand for only inhabitant is a small uninhabited island, accessible on foot at low tide from the beach of Bon-Secours. Grand Bé is known travelers and literature enthusiasts, to be the last residence of Chateaubriand. The Grand bé several theories, the most common would be the Grand BEY, from the Celtic and meaning grave or Be, in Breton.

The Harbour, rocky islet fortified de0.18 km ², located in the town of Dinard island, facing the famous Place de l'Ecluse, the heart of the resort. Its current name implies Anglo-Saxon origin, would in fact a transformation of its former name, grassy island.

The Du Guesclin island, name, belonging to the municipality of Saint Coulomp between Cancale and Saint-Malo, has of course the famous Breton family. An ancestor of Bertrand du Guesclin built there in 1026, an imposing castle. Beginning in the 13th century, John Lockland, King of England, bought the island which provoked the fury of the Breton princes, who will do anything to take the rock. The English were finally driven out. Vauban in the mid 18th century medieval castle transformed into a military fort.

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L'Ile des Rimains
La Conchée
Grand Bé et Petit Bé
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