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Tides in Saint-Malo

A great show several times a year!

The bay of Saint-Malo knows among the highest tides in the world. By tidal average spring tide (coefficient 95), the level of the tide reaches 12m20 and the sea bass 1m50, a tidal range (difference) of 10m70! By high tide (coefficient 115) 13m25 sea goes up and down to 0.2 a gap that exceeds 13 meters.

Knowing that this variation of sea level takes six hours, imagine the power of the currents generated by the movement of the huge mass of water. In 2016, 86 days ago of spring tides, among which 44 in more than 100

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Hotel Quic en Groigne Saint Malo
Hotel Quic en Groigne Saint Malo
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Big Tide
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High tide
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