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From Dinard to Cap Fréhel

Beaches and cliffs which punctuate the coast!

Saint Lunaire, founded in the sixth century, agricultural and marine village before becoming resort in the late 19th century.

The tip "Du Décollé", which is its name to a deep crevasse called "cat hole".

Saint Briac, the resort of painters. Old fishing port and cabotage.

The tip of the Garde-Guérin, covered with a clean moor, which descends steeply into the sea One of the most beautiful walks around .

Golf de Dinard, Few courses can boast such a beautiful setting with sea views

Lancieux, a town founded by "Saint Cieux", who built a monastery between the estuary and bay Frémur The Baussais .

Saint -Jacut, which takes its name from an Irish monk of the fifth century, canonized by popular fervor, who founded an abbey on the long peninsula. Walk at low tide the island Ebihens, private island, where stands a Vauban Tower.

Saint Cast, which offers two huge expanses of sandy beach and the Grand Pen-Guen, as well as two coves, La Fresnaye and Pissotte. Marina, but fishing port.

Fort La Latte, Protected by two ravines that are crossed by a drawbridge and surrounded by walls of red sandstone cape, the fort overlooks the sea 60m. The fort visit. A guided tour provides access to the dungeon, the chapel and the guard.

Cape Frehel : The cliffs of red sandstone and shale, often overlooking an emerald sea, offer a spectacle which we never tire. The lighthouse, 103m high, built in 1950 bears to 110 km.

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Cap Fréhel
Fort La Latte
Golf de Dinard
Iles des Ebihens
Saint Cast
Saint Jacut
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