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From Saint-Malo to Saint- Coulomp

An indented coastline with many faces!

A nightmare of stone, Rhoténeuf last quarter of St -Malo on the coast road to Cancale, this strange fresco carved into the cliff is the work of the Abbe Fouré . At the end of the 19th century, he spent twenty years there draw the Rotheneuf legend. Over 500 m², facing the sea, about 300 characters are frozen in stone since 1890.

A few kilometers from Saint- Malo and bustle of its famous Furrow, is the BESNARD , whose cliffs stand at the entrance of Harbour Island Rotheneuf . This island is actually a peninsula connected to the coast by a sand spit called tombolo : this is a protected dunes bordering the vast range Chevrets .

Not far from Saint-Malo and Cancale, the tip of Meinga delight the visitor in search of tranquility and spectacular coastal scenery, with its beautiful beaches and rocky headlands. The island Du Guesclin , accessible at low tide, the island is one of Guesclin exception this famous coastline for its huge sandy beaches , dunes and rocky headlands sites

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Rochers sculptés
Ile Besnard
Ile du Guesclin
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