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Channel Islands

Neighbor islands: Accessible from Saint-Malo by the company CONDOR Ferries.

Harbour of Saint-Malo or Dinard-Pleurtuit tarmac, the «Neighbor «are the Channel Islands. Getaways in the Channel Islands.

Jersey: The largest of the Channel Islands and probably the most visited reveals several faces. It is connected and vibrant St Helier along the lazy sandy bays, charming and unusual in small paths " green lanes " cheeky breath away and steep cliffs on the north coast ...

Guernsey Victor Hugo was not mistaken: the island of Guernsey, who welcomed during his fifteen years in exile, is a " wild and laughing " earth, "splendid " and " strange " ... A "rock" to explore and enjoy taking the time to live.

Alderney : In the shadow of Jersey and Guernsey , Alderney exudes joie de vivre. She digested a heavy military past and appears natural, friendly and very picturesque. The visitor is welcomed with open arms.

Sark / Sark : High pitched Sark comes from the sea , like a barren wilderness . But inside, it turns green , flowery and very warm . And if you take the time to discover this island to the sweetness of life without that?

Chausey : A Chausey archipelago plays with the tides to multiply its islands and confuse the walker expanding landscapes. Normal, this sentinel Channel has the highest tides in Europe.



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Condor Ferries Departure from Saint-Malo
Chausey Islands
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