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Brocéliande, Legend of King Arthur !

The mythical forest

The magical forest of all mysteries 45 minutes from Saint-Malo. Brocéliande forest is the romances of the Round Table are populated by extraordinary creatures and magical places. Before the fountain Barenton which he interpreted the murmur or the tomb of Merlin, where he will introduce a wish, the visitor will in turn struck by enchantment.

This is Val sans retour, says the legend, the fairy Morgana kept infidels lovers. This circuit allows you to do the trick. The Golden Tree, The mirror Fairies, The Val sans Retour, the Tomb of the Giants Castle Trecesson, the host Viviane many sites that the mystery of Dark Forest.

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Tombeau de Merlin
Val Sans Retour
Golden tree - Brocéliandre
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